Bhakti: Aham Prema

by Magnetic Wind

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Inspired by Deva Premal, Ashana and Krishna Das, Magnetic Wind creates a quiet meditative album of chant through Divine Voice accompanied by her intricate and lush meditative ambiance. Bhakti: Aham Prema is a love story. The obvious is a love story of spirit and developing that within oneself, a love of God, Goddess, Creator, energy, whatever you want to call it because in my view it's all the same energy going to the same path it just looks different. It was inspired, by a love story. It celebrates the most divine love I've ever know. The practice of Kirtan at a greater level. I can only say that the impact of chant in opening your heart when you are willing is truly.. Divine. I love this album. I love that the Divine is here. In this sacred space. Within me. Flowing through in these moments of sound. I love that the experience was given to me. That I was allowed to share such divinity, such sacredness, even in moments, with another. I love that every action, brought me to this space. This sacred, holy space. Aham Prema translates to I am Divine Love. It was through this love story, one that started with a relationship and ending with learning how to love myself, that I found and remembered, the divinity within me. Hopefully it will help you remember too. You are Aham Prema. Our seva is to continually share it with the world every moment. All proceeds go to the Hospice Foundation of America.


released November 11, 2011

Vocals by Jessica Waters




Magnetic Wind Kansas City, Missouri

Working in original composition, Magnetic Wind employs soft synths, melodies along with pianos, world percussion, soft voice effects, field recordings and experimentation with organic instrumentation to create arrangements with a cinematic depth. She has been featured on public, college and internet radio around the world. ... more

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